Premium labels for ultimate protection

Checkpoint's Enhanced Performance (EP) labels are the best-performing RF labels on the market. Combining smaller sizes with superior detection, EP labels protect smaller products such as cosmetics, fragrances and jewelry, as well as high-value items such as apparel, electronics and over-the-counter drugs.

The EP label range sets the standard for RF labels and offers real advantages, encompassing all the characteristics of a superior label. Checkpoint’s EP labels are:

  • Hotter: up to a 60 percent* increase in detection, supporting 35 percent increase in aisle widths
  • Smaller: fits discreetly on more products and allows for easier integration
  • Sharper: more accurate, more precise and fewer false alarms

EP labels can be pre-printed and applied using high-speed application at source. They can also be applied in-store, manually or with one of Checkpoint's hand application tools.

*Dependent upon environmental factors; percentage varies depending on type of EAS system

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