Unmatched functionality for apparel's global supply chain

There may be no faster-moving industry than the apparel industry, creating tremendous excitement and opportunity in this $1.5 trillion-a-year market.  But the issues faced by retailers, brand-owners and manufacturers are changing more rapidly than ever, putting pressure on industry participants to achieve greater synergies that help them remain competitive and improve their chances for success.

The industry is striving to come up with new processes and solutions to help companies work smarter, faster and more cost-efficiently.  Rather than continuing to do business in traditional ways, using traditional technologies and methodologies, the apparel industry is turning to an important, powerful source to achieve better results by adding higher value to their operations -- the apparel label.

Checkpoint offers an expansive range of apparel labeling solutions that deliver a deep and broad range of functionality.  Apparel industry participants need labeling solutions offering both foundation-level capabilities and cutting-edge, high-function capabilities.  This unique combination of functionality is what sets Checkpoint apart as the market leader for intelligent apparel labeling.

For decades, Checkpoint has been supplying the apparel industry with high-quality labeling solutions to meet a wide range of applications.  Retailers, brand-owners and manufacturers all need labeling solutions that meet and exceed key foundation-level capabilities, regardless of whether their needs are basic or sophisticated. 

These Foundation-Level Capabilities Include:

  • Broad Product Line

    Apparel labeling has become much more sophisticated in recent years in terms of formats, requiring label suppliers to offer everything from hang tags, swing tickets and care/content labels to wovens, variable data tags and heat transfer labels.

  • Strong Business Ethics and Environmentally Friendly Operations

    The apparel industry is vitally interested in doing business with suppliers that adhere to global, regional and local requirements for everything from recycling and waste handling to energy savings and respect for local employment practices.

  • Global Footprint

    Apparel manufacturing takes place all around the world, and label manufacturers must have a presence in close proximity to needlepoint locations.

  • Track Record for Reliable and Consistent Production

    Label suppliers are a vital link in the delivery chain, and any delay or quality snag inevitably increases time to shelf and operating costs, as well as missed sales opportunities.

  • Creative Design Skills

    Even the most sophisticated and graphics-centric brand-owners need labeling partners with keen in-house design skills that leverage the brand’s visual appeal – or even to help create a new one.

  • Financial Resources

    Everyone needs to know that their label supplier can expand, as necessary, to meet the growing needs of the apparel industry participants.

  • Cost Efficient and Rapid Time to Market

    Labels and related identification products must be delivered from factories to store shelves at competitive prices, and at the speed necessary to ensure sales opportunities are met, not missed.

Checkpoint has been a reliable, efficient and trusted supplier of labeling solutions to the biggest players in the apparel industry because it routinely exceeds expectations in providing these essential foundation-level capabilities.

As the apparel industry's needs evolve, apparel labeling must respond accordingly.  Checkpoint's intelligent apparel labeling solutions deliver the high-function capabilities that allow the industry to become more efficient in using and sharing data on the tag for a variety of applications and business benefits, including higher sales and lower costs. 

These High-Function Capabilities Include:

  • Cutting-Edge Variable Data Management Platform

    Variable data management is a critical element in next-generation apparel labeling, because it has the ability to reduce supply chain costs, improve label printing and delivery, allow for manufacturer self-service to manage their own label printing needs and interface seamlessly, reliably and automatically with retailers’ and brand-owners’ ERP systems. Check-Net, Checkpoint’s industry-leading solution for variable data management, provides companies with order status, supply chain transparency and maximum flexibility in managing the tag ordering and fulfillment process, including selecting from numerous tag printing locations and technology options.

  • Integration of Vital Apparel Retailing Applications within the Apparel Tag

    Through merchandise visibility and supply chain management, the application-integration functionality of Checkpoint intelligent apparel labeling solutions is helping retailers reduce costs and improve operational synergies in their stores and throughout their supply chains.

  • Ultra-Reliable Color Matching for Consistent Brand Presentation

    Even the slightest variations in color printing can impact branding efforts by retailers or apparel brand-owners.  The patented CheckProof solution is a scientific method that ensures consistent, high-quality color reproduction so vital to the apparel industry’s branding requirements.

  • Real-Time Insights for Real-Time Actions

    A key benefit of using technologies such as RF-EAS or RFID is the ability to capture critical data on the same apparel tag that previously used only barcodes or even QR codes, and for that data to be shared among users of such vital applications as ERP, supply chain management, loss prevention and inventory management. Checkpoint’s leadership in shrink management solutions and RFID-based merchandise visibility gives the apparel industry a uniquely comprehensive solution for intelligent apparel labeling by capturing, managing and sharing volumes of actionable data for business benefit.

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